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At Unipart Digital our mission is to inspire and help your company to be a leader in the fourth industrial revolution by teaching, designing, developing and implementing leading digital technologies to improve profitability and customer service enabling you to retain existing and win new customers.

Unipart Digital is part of Unipart Technologies Group made up of a dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, product owners, and support analysts, with a specific focus on improving efficiency and enabling data-driven decision making. We have a five-year history of successfully delivering challenging and important projects, both over the long term and to incredibly short deadlines.

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Our particular areas of expertise are:

Unipart Digital takes pride in its ability to create and implement robust solutions to complex problems, collaborating at every stage with our customers. Unipart Digital has been successfully helping to transform Unipart Logistics over the last 6 years. We have been a key part of the “Industry 4.0” transformation of Unipart, and can call on the company’s resources, expertise and infrastructure. For example, we can offer a warehouse software solution with an integrated physical logistics process within a fortnight. The OpenStack “private cloud” also gives us a lot of advantages, including privacy, deployment speed, configurability, and much lower cost.

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Unipart Digital’s products and services are proudly displayed at the Advanced Supply Chain Institute (ASCI). The ASCI is a multi-purpose learning and collaboration space in Unipart House. It’s where tomorrow’s supply chains are reimagined, enhanced and transformed.