Building our Ecosystem

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UDES Ecosystem
Dragonfly Unipart Digital's Private Cloud Hosting Other Systems Unipart Business Intelligence Solution Autonomous Mobile Robot Warehouse control systems Sensors Yard Management System Digital Comm Cell Unipart Digital Enterprise System Unipart Digital Inventory System


Dragonfly is a Unipart Digital product that helps increase the efficiency of supply chain operations. It can be used for warehouse optimisation via inbound and outbound volume forecasting, simulation of different "what-if" scenarios and optimisation of product location, range, inventory and resources. Dragonfly is a modular tool that can enhance the analytical capability of an external data-generating system or be deployed as a standalone web application.

Unipart Digital's Private Cloud Hosting

OpenStack forms the heart of Unipart Digital's private cloud we are in complete control of the system ensuring your data is kept private and secure

Other Systems

UDES can be interfaced with multiple systems such as SAP via iDoc

Unipart Business Intelligence Solution

Unipart Business Intelligence Solution (UBIS) is a self-service Business Intelligence tool, used to explore and visualise data in order to combine visual management with data decision making

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Unipart's Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a warehouse robot for improving operational efficiency, enhancing speed, ensuring precision, and increasing safety.

Warehouse control systems

Unipart's Warehouse Control System (WCS) is responsible for ensuring an efficient flow of requirements to be satisfied by our autonomous mobile robots.  It also provides a standardised interface that can be adopted by multiple WMSs.


UDES can utilise data collected by sensors such as temperature monitoring

Yard Management System

Our Yard Management System aims to digitise the processes within a company's yards (or loading areas), as well as the vehicle management of a company. It serves as a single point of truth for all vehicle bookings on-site, and can provide live information on what is being processed and where

Digital Comm Cell

Digital Comm Cell is an electronic replica of a "traditional" Communication Cell, with common data structures and analytics, combined with collaboration tools such as video conferencing and image sharing

Unipart Digital Enterprise System

Created by Unipart Digital, UDES is a warehouse management system (WMS) that helps to control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse to increase overall efficiency. It enables you to optimise the performance of your operation very quickly whilst providing valuable insights to ensure continuous improvement.

Unipart Digital Inventory System

The Unipart Digital Inventory System is an easy-to-use, lightweight tool that optimises inventory in complex supply chains. Developed by Unipart, UD Inventory System provides advanced inventory optimisation processes through a user-friendly, online platform hosted by the Unipart Cloud