Digital Comm Cell

Digital Comm Cell

Digital Comm Cell

Within Unipart, a Communication Cell (Comm Cell) is a physical space where teams can meet to discuss issues, solve problems and review their performance against predefined key performance indicators. This approach relies on the use of tools and techniques developed as a part of the Unipart Way in order to identify and resolve problems, and address the areas of improvement.

The Unipart Way is an operational excellence system which facilitates employee engagement and problem solving. Unipart and its customers have been using and perfecting it for the last 30 years. The application of the Unipart Way empowers employees, contributing to greater engagement and, subsequently, to better service for our customers.

Within Unipart a “traditional” Comm Cell is a large board in a physical place with a collection of purpose-developed tools and documents. Unipart Digital has developed a digital version of Comm Cell, adding unique and significant benefits to the Comm Cell approach.

The Digital Comm Cell incorporates and embraces all the key benefits of the “traditional” Comm Cell: the users can raise team issues, resolve problems and make better business decisions with collected data. In addition, the Digital Comm Cell provides significant advantages, such as:

  • The ease of Comm Cell access from any location and any device
  • The ability to hold team meetings and discussions remotely or across multiple sites using secure video conferencing working worldwide combined with remote image sharing
  • The functionality to create highly configurable KPIs – anything from basic to detailed measures
  • The capability of effortlessly viewing historic and up to date KPIs
  • The power to search the data to quickly find relevant information

One of the main goals of a Comm Cell is to facilitate remote collaboration and maximise employee engagement. The tools within the Digital Comm Cell encourage and help remote workers or employees based across different sites to participate in structured discussions, share best-practice and their experiences. Apart from communication, Comm Cell stores historic performance, insights and discussions, thus improving long-term institutional memory.

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