Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Provision of self-service virtual machine solutions

Unipart Digital creates and hosts services for Unipart and external customers. Our setup consists of a “private cloud” interface based on OpenStack. This provides compute and storage resources, AWS compatible interfaces, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SDN (Software Defined Networking).

Our “private cloud” gives our clients significant advantages, including privacy (no confidential data hosted by foreign third parties, which helps with GDPR compliance), improved deployment-speed, configurability, and a much lower cost. In certain cases costs can be less than one third of the price of AWS.

We specialise in offering of services for projects requiring large amounts of data (e.g. data warehousing), or compute-intensive commercial and research projects. These may be suitable for image processing, AI and ML solutions, scientific applications such as finite element analysis, real world modelling/simulation and processing of other large datasets. Our data storage is in PCI-DSS accredited data centres based in the UK. By default systems are only accessed with password protected cryptographic keys, ensuring higher levels of security and auditability than many other solutions.

We have experience with bespoke solutions that cannot be easily provided as ‘self service/off the shelf’ from providers such as AWS, including systems with the following characteristics:

Systems over 100 vCPUs
Systems from 20TB of conventional storage up to virtually unlimited storage
Systems over 100GB of memory, up to a massive 700GB of RAM
Systems with high power GPU capabilities for CUDA, OpenCL
High availability/redundancy with automated backup solutions
We can host projects on our infrastructure, or provide a fully operational in-house solution for the customer. Making use of our knowledge to create this type of infrastructure for you can help avoid costly mistakes.

The above provides an idea of some of the projects that we’ve been involved with. However, the team has a broad range of skills which can be applied to most infrastructure and compute requirements. Feel free to contact us and discuss your specific requirements.

Bespoke open source solutions

Unipart Digital operates a policy of using open source solutions where possible. These have the advantages of being customisable, license-free, scalable and provide the ability to fully audit the code that you’re running. This process of providing visibility of the code that you are using means that unlike many commercial closed source solutions, you can guarantee that your data is not being shared with other 3rd parties by just inspecting the code itself.

You can modify Open Source software so that it works in a way that suits your needs. In fact pretty much everything about it can be changed to help it work the way you want it to rather than the way a closed source company expects you to work. However, this can make the implementation more complicated, and this is an area where we can help.

The Open Source solutions we use are primarily Linux hosted and the most common requests include a range web services, chat systems, centralised authentication servers, source code control and automated testing, plus various business management tools. If you’d like to discuss similar systems for your use, contact us to discuss the opportunities.