Meet the team

Meet the team leads

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Adrian Gardener
Head of UDES

Adrian is an experienced Scrum Master and agile coach with skills in a number of programming languages. Outside of work, Adrian teaches people to fly and inspects aircraft.

Simon Kavanagh
Product and Support Manager
Simon has a background in stock management and has spent over 20 years in the logistics industry. In his spare time Simon is a very successful football referee.

Jon Willett
External Product Manager
Jon focuses on the market needs and works with the team to drive these into the product. His key skills lie in agile product ownership, operations and the Unipart Way and continuous improvement. He has a keen interest in music and playing the guitar.

Adam Patrick
Software Engineering Lead
Adam is a software engineering team lead for UDES, with a background as a full-stack developer. He has a PhD in high energy astrophysics and has given talks at a number of international conferences. In his spare time he has a love of cars and cooking.

Peter Clark
Software Engineering Lead

Peter is a software developer with over 8 years of experience in programming. He has worked with a variety of Object-orientated programming languages, web languages and JavaScript frameworks. Much of his free time is spent either playing or watching football.

Miquel Palahí-Sitges
Technical Lead
Miquel is a software developer who likes all types of languages. He has been working on the UDES project since its conception. He has a PhD in computer science, and specialised in constraint satisfaction problems and optimisation. In his free time, he enjoys running, hiking, reading and playing video games.