Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence is provided through Unipart Digital’s Traceability Management Tool (TMT). TMT tracks and optimises the movement of products within a repair centre. The final solution provided information for every transaction and every device at every stage of the repair process.

This information, which has never been available before, allowed the company to see, with objective and specific data, exactly how long any device was at a work station, if the operation at that station had been successful and many other pieces of information. The availability of new data points allowed to optimise business processes, leading to substantial efficiencies in daily operations. The solution also provides:

  • Detailed knowledge of WIP and WIP age
  • Much reduced WIP volumes
  • No manual counting
  • Rich data for further optimisation of process
  • Data aggregation for machine learning optimisation

The TMT system contains operational data, so we can look at differences in patterns and performance now, last week, last month or even more historic. This helps us understand issues where we perceive poor sustainment. We can find when performance deteriorated and correct that.

When we make improvements traditionally and without a utility like TMT, we make a simplistic assessment of where priorities should be, we then conduct a small sample of manual time study to baseline performance. We figure out our specific improvement needs and implement them. We then make manual measurements to see if there has been a useful change between before and after.

The manual methods of time measurement are highly subjective, tedious and expensive. As humans, we always change our behaviour when we know we are being observed. This makes base lining like this, and indeed post change measurement very crude and often plain wrong. Sampling for manual methods is usually too small and badly chosen because the full pattern of variation overtime is neither available nor understood.

In a world with TMT we can use existing historic data to understand the situation before a change has been made, even after we have made that change.

Traceability Assets by Scanning (TABS)

TABS is a system that introduces a single unit asset tracking of outbound and inbound at warehouse.

Provides live inventory (rollcages, stillages, high value assets) in a warehouse and across the supplied delivery locations.

Instantiates a platform for inventory tracking across various sites and maximises the benefits by interfacing with Warehouse Management Systems and Time Management Systems.

Having a detailed and reliable knowledge of where and when each high value asset was delivered reduces the quantity of missing assets and the cost of their replacement.

Task Records (T-Recs)

Part of Unipart Digital’s approach is to use new techniques for a more automated solution of necessary business activities. For those projects we deploy various technologies, including NFCs, tablets, PCs, web-based applications. We help companies to move forward in a competitive market, but at the same time ensuring employee ease of use, and personal data protection.

T-Recs is a solution proposed by Unipart Digital that significantly reduces the time spent on filling in the timesheets as the clocked data is uploaded into the tasksheets automatically. T-Recs interfaces seamlessly and incrementally with the current tasksheet software.

Operatives are given the responsibility of clocking their own task times. They can use NFC cards to activate their tasks on the screen and choose the one they are going to work on and check out when they finish the task. This aspect of the project seeks to test a check-in/check-out system that uses contactless technology, similar to contactless payment. The advantage of this is that there would be no need to enter the employee number, or to perform a hand scan.

Additionally, our system allows the ability to record when the employee entered and exited the building. Using this “in/out of the building” may be considered to use as an information for Fire Safety.

The system also gives visible feedback with user identification, could present a “Message of the Day”, and allows anonymised employee (“How was your workday?”) feedback. The user interface provides a richer interaction with employees.

Contact us to discuss how TMT, TABS and T-Recs can help your business improve its traceability, business and process intelligence.