Sensors and Internet of Things

Sensors and Internet of Things

Sensors and Internet of Things

Once a data stream has been validated, it is not unusual to need to continue to monitor a data source. Under these situations we can design dedicated PCBs and fabricate a less intrusive/more robust data collection solution to suit your requirements.

Sensors/Systems we have experience with include:

  • ARM based systems (including RPIs)
  • Industrial PCs
  • Various embedded controllers
  • Arduinos
  • FPGAs
  • Various other development boards and embedded controllers

The specialist team have recently demonstrated a high-precision indoor location systems, currently going through the patenting process.

Our data science team can create customised real time web interfaces and reports, or we can automate data dumps by interfacing to SAP/Databases/Google Docs/File servers for automatic reporting, and and data archiving.

Whilst we can work with standard readily available sensors, we are also able to develop new technology by working with partners as necessary. Examples include:

  • NFC records of entry/exit for automatic timekeeping
  • GPS locations of vehicles/fork lift vehicles in order to work out distances travelled, and help with predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring of asset locations to avoid loss/shrinkage.
  • Temperature of plastic manufacturing and the relationship of the temperatures to failures/wastage

Understanding the factors impacting your processes enables accurate decisions to be made that can improve production, and reduce inefficiencies and waste. What do you want to know more about?