TMT – Discover a new dimension of flexibility in process control

TMT – Discover a new dimension of flexibility in process control

Traceability Management Tool – Industry 4.0 enabler

The high precision and reliability discrete manufacturing industry operates in a very complex environment, and the requirements for its control technology are correspondingly demanding

TMT tracks and optimises the movement of products within a repair centre, provides information for every transaction and every device at every stage of the repair process.

TMT’s value is partly in terms of reduced manual handling, and therefore the reduced need for personnel performing the lowest skilled tasks. Paper based offline tasks are also removed, for instance the copying of the on-paper counts into the a further set of spreadsheets for display for visual management. The BI team has the data to automatically generate live WIP visual management. More manual tasks are removed to do with the printing, initial attaching, and final collection of paper trackers, formally attached to each unit. 

Another significant saving is on the touch time at desk. Scanning in, and pressing a Pass or Fail button has replaced the need to write on the paper trackers (often with the need to remove, and then re-attach the tracker).  

TMT may be suited to any process with a moderate to high volume where benefits would arise from processing time being tracked, where the process has a multiplicity of steps, where passes and fails are to be recorded, where the process has many possible paths and where correct routing is to be enforced by material ID.

This information allows the company to see, with objective and specific data, exactly how long any device was at a work station, if the operation at that station had been successful and many other pieces of information. The availability of new data points allowed to optimise business processes, leading to substantial efficiencies in daily operations.

TMT Process Routing Rules – Configuration Example

The ability of TMT to configure complex routing rules dependent on material and fault (and other bases) has been heavily used.

Here is the an illustration of the process, showing the routing decisions for mobile phone screening.

Visual Management and Analysis