Unipart’s Business Intelligence System

Unipart Business Intelligence Solution lets you make sense of your data

It is an easy-to-use Business Intelligence solution that provides an online self-service dashboarding platform. UBIS enables people, at every level of the company, to explore their own data, to solve problems, and to combine visual and data-driven management. It helps take advantage of company or customer data by visualising historical and current key performance indicators in a very intuitive way. Capable of being connected to multiple data sources, it helps summarise essential business information across departments and present it via easily interpretable and regularly updated charts and tables. This ability enables transparency over processes and performance, aiding faster, more informed decision making at the workplace.

UBIS is a cutting edge BI platform

  • UBIS features a wide range of charts and visualisations. This allows to visualise raw and aggregated data in feature-rich and interactive dashboards.
  • UBIS can send alerts and reports. So you can be kept updated regularly, or when something extraordinary happens.
  • UBIS can process large amounts of data. It leverages connection to a wide range of database engines.

UBIS is customisable

  • The UBIS team can create bespoke charts and visualisations. One can, for example, feature the layout of your warehouse.
  • UBIS is able to process data coming from a wide variety of sources. This is possible thanks to collaboration with the Data Pipeline team.
  • Charts, dashboards, and the platform appearance are easily customisable. This can be done by the UBIS team, or your trusted super-users.

Dashboard features include:

  • Filter of data to refine your analysis
  • Tables with conditional formatting
  • Create interactive graphs easily, with no coding required
  • Add text and images easily to your dashboard
  • Refresh dashboards automatically and as often as you need
  • Creating responsive charts, graphs and dashboards is intuitive and easy to do with little, if any, extra formatting required
  • User accessibility can be controlled so different people in the company can access different data sources and graphs

UBIS is secure

  • Data and code are hosted on Unipart servers. These are UK-based, encrypted at rest, and comply with the same standard as the Payment Card Industry.
  • You control who can access what with role-based access control. Should it be features of the app (e.g. modifying dashboards) or [sub]set of your data.
  • Connection to UBIS is secure. It enforces encrypted protocols and access it controlled by secure authentication.

In most of the cases, the following information is useful to know in order to assess the complexity of UBIS implementation:

  • Where the data are stored and whether remote access to the data source is possible to arrange for UBIS implementation
  • Data types (e.g. Excel files or CSV files or Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Are any sensitive data concerned
  • KPIs that you would like to track and how to calculate them